GVSU’s charter schools rank among top in state

	Courtesy Photo
Tim Wood

Courtesy Photo
Tim Wood

Lauren Fitch

Of Grand Valley State University’s 28 charter schools, 14 ranked in the top performing schools in the state, making GVSU the university with the most successful charter schools.

The schools were ranked according to their 2009 MEAP scores and half of the schools authorized by GVSU placed in the top 50.

Tim Wood, special assistant to the president for charter schools, said he is happy with the performance of the charter schools, which he said is a result of GVSU’s commitment to providing professional development and leadership resources for the teachers in its schools.

“I am pleased with the progress we’re making,” Wood said. “These schools are providing a choice and opportunity for students and parents where otherwise there would not be that opportunity.”

GVSU’s K-8 charter schools are located in metropolitan areas across the state.

“Grand Valley charter schools are excelling among their peers and providing a valuable education option for many communities,” said Rob Kimball, director of research and management, in a press release. “Grand Valley requires performance in its charter contracts and schools are responding.”

Wood said another factor in the success of the university’s charter schools is President Thomas Haas’ commitment to improving educational quality at any opportunity.

“The benefit is the program is functioning at a high level,” Wood said.

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