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Senior Jordan Schrotenboer was named the GLIAC and National Swimmer of the Week

Courtesy Photo / Senior Jordan Schrotenboer was named the GLIAC and National Swimmer of the Week

Jon Adamy

Two Grand Valley State University swimmers were recognized this week as both the GLIAC conference men’s and women’s swimmers of the week, as well as being named the Counsilman Hunsaker National Swimmers of the Week on
Senior swimmer Jordan Schrotenboer and junior swimmer Carly Bush took home the honors after defeating the University of Indianapolis last weekend and contributing multiple first-place finishes.
GVSU head coach Andy Boyce said this is the first time he has seen GVSU swimmers named to both the men’s and women’s player of the week at the GLIAC level, let alone the national level.
“They both really roll with the punches, and they’re always real positive; and they’re extremely hard workers, and that’s kind of the name of the game in swimming,” Boyce.said “You just have to push yourself hard and put your nose to the grindstone and it will work out in the end.”
Boyce added that although Schrotenboer and Bush feel good about the awards, they are focused on their times and pushing the rest of their teammates as the season progresses and conference competition begins.
Schrotenboer took home first place finishes for the men in the 200-yard freestyle and 200-yard backstroke as well as contributing to a top finish in 400-yard medley relay.
On the women’s side, Bush captured first place in the 1,000-yard freestyle, 200-yard butterfly and 400-yard medley relay.
Schrotenboer said he was excited to receive national recognition as a senior because he had been nominated for the award in the past, and this was his last opportunity to win it. He attributed the contributions of his coaches and teammates in his success this season.
“A lot of what has helped me this year is the competitiveness of my teammates. We’re always pushing each other in practice,” he said. “Even if you’re having an off day, one of your teammates probably isn’t and will push you through a hard set that you probably wouldn’t be able to do quite as well.”
Bush said she was very excited to hear the news that she had been recognized at both the conference and national level. Although Bush said she has received GLIAC awards in the past, she is always excited to get recognized for her performance.
“Every time is special because it shows that your hard work is paying off and they’re recognizing you for that,” she said. “It makes me smile and feel good whenever I hear about it; there’s so many other swimmers who work really hard, and everybody deserves a shot at it.”
Bush also gave credit to her teammates and coaching staff, saying that she has never seen a team that is as much of a family as the swimming and diving teams at GVSU.
“I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without them,” she said. “They’re the reason any of us are doing as well as they are.”
The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams will next compete in the GLIAC championships in Jenison, Mich. beginning on Feb. 9.
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