Campus Life Night moves to new location

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2013 Campus Life Night

GVL / Archive 2013 Campus Life Night

Drew Howard

Grand Valley State University’s Campus Life Night is expected to be the biggest one yet as it will now be hosted in parking lot H, located near the Mary Idema Pew Library.

Starting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8, this year’s Campus Life Night will give Lakers the chance to find new student organizations, prize giveaways, free food and more in an even bigger space.

Kellie Pnacek-Carter, assistant director of event planning at GVSU, said the larger space will allow for opportunities that were not possible at last year’s Campus Life Night.

“Campus Life Night will be in lot H now that we have outgrown the space near the Fieldhouse,” Pnacek-Carter said. “With the extra space, we are offering the opportunity for people to bring in buses and vehicles. Last year, people were showing up with this stuff, and we were not prepared.”

Pnacek-Carter said around 400 student organizations, businesses and nonprofits are expected to fill up lot H.

“Approximately 85 to 90 percent of the tables at Campus Life Night will be student organizations,” Pnacek-Carter said. “Additionally, students can expect some local restaurants, churches, volunteer organizations and more to show up.”

Similar to previous years, Campus Life Night will also feature prize giveaways, free food, as well as music provided by GVSU’s own Whale radio station.

Pnacek-Carter said the newest addition to this year’s Campus Life Night is an Allstate Insurance Reality Ride free for all students.

“Something that’s new is the Reality Ride promoted by Allstate Insurance,” Pnacek-Carter said. “They bring out a driving simulator aimed to educate students on what it’s like to drive while drinking alcohol. I think it will be very impactful.”

The Reality Ride, which comes in the form of an actual car, uses a curved LED television to create an environment that responds to the driver’s every action.

Bob Stoll, associate dean for student life at GVSU, said there will be many campus departments with displays for students to check out.

“There are a lot of community businesses and nonprofit agencies, but there are a lot of campus departments as well,” Stoll said. “If you want to learn something about campus recreation, career services or student life, all those things are out there.”

Stoll said that while a majority of students attending Campus Life Night are freshmen, he still encourages others to take part.

“I would really encourage a sophomore student that maybe took their first year and never really got connected anywhere to check it out,” Stoll said. “This is a great chance to jump in and see what’s out there and what you’re interested in.”

Stoll added that for many, Campus Life Night is one of the most life changing nights at GVSU.

“Campus Life Night is often a chance for new students to find something they don’t realize is going on,” Stoll said. “Outside of class, there are 400 groups with activities of all kinds, so there is no better place to see what’s going on.”

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