Headline: Setting the tone

Subhead: GV senior Kaitlyn Wolters: Twin sister, star setter, part-time juggler

By Jay Bushen

[email protected]

First things first, how can I assure our readers that this is in fact Kaitlyn Wolters – that you and your twin sister aren’t up to some Parent Trap-style shenanigans?
I guess you’re just going to have to trust that it’s me. I’m pretty honest…

How does it feel to be the GLIAC Volleyball Player of the Year and Setter of the Year?
It’s definitely a good honor. I was working up to that, hoping that I would be Setter of the Year. I put my team first and they really helped me get this award so it’s a good honor to what all my hard work has gone to.

When you’re on the court, you’re all business. But whenever I see you off the court, you’ve always got a smile on your face. Would you say you’re the happiest person in the GLIAC?
Not the happiest person but I think I’d be up there. I don’t let a lot of things bother me when I’m off the court. I’m a pretty even keel, go with the flow type person.

Definitely. You always seem to be upbeat though. How would you describe yourself?
Oh boy. I guess I’m a pretty honest person, very caring I guess you could say. I definitely put people first – I’m very “them before me” and make sure everyone else is okay. A mother figure I guess you could say.

Well that’s perfect because, on the court, that’s the role you play. Always putting your teammates first, setting them up with assists. We know you’re a pro when it comes to racking up assists, but there’s a lot more to your game. You dropped the first GVSU triple-double since 2007 against Ferris earlier this season: 34 assists, 12 digs and 11 kills  –  without an error. Certainly a multitalented player on the court, but what other hidden talents do you have?
Hidden talents. Not volleyball related?

Well I can juggle.

When did you acquire that skill?
It took me a while to get it; I was very focused on being able to juggle. It was in high school, my senior year. We had a competition and I wanted to win that competition.

That’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to ask you this: Your signature no-look kill – where did you perfect that?
Where did I perfect it? I would have to say last year was when they really pushed me to be more offensive, so I had to come up with different kills. When I was at GRCC, I did the two-hand no-lookie instead of the one. Now I’m more effective with just one. It’s trickier.

Which one fools other teams more, the one or the two?
I think the two-handed over fools more people but I have more power with my one hand.

How does it feel to surprise the opponent when no one sees it coming? How cool is that feeling?
Yeah it’s definitely my moment of being of being a hitter…You kind of feel on top of the world like, “I just made that play, got them out, got a point and we’re rolling.” You feel like you’re on top of the world, especially because I don’t get many opportunities.

I could see that. If you had to play a different sport at Grand Valley, what would it be?
I played soccer in high school…

The soccer team just won a playoff game in a snowstorm. Could you guys do that if you had to play outside?
Yeah, we would definitely win   through all that snow and all that. We would fight that adversity.

What do you make of all this snow?
I don’t like snow…I only like snow the week of Christmas and then it can go away.

Any significance to the No. 7?
Nope. That’s just the number I was given. But I mean it’s the lucky number seven, so I guess you could look at it that way.

I noticed Kourtney (Wolters) dons No. 11. Does that mean the Wolters-to-Wolters connection, like 7-Eleven, is always open?
My aunt actually mentioned that like, “You guys are 7-Eleven, you go together.” … It’s just kind of a coincidence…

Some quick ones for you. Any superstitions?
Yeah. Before the game, I have a lot of superstitions I need to do, especially with my injuries. I need to do it a certain way. It’s not OCD – but it’s just something that gets me focused for the game.

Like what?
Our trainer has to do the stuff for my knee – no one else can do that. I have to put my water bottle down in the huddle. It’s weird but it’s just what I do. And before a game, I have to go through the alphabet.

Go through the alphabet?
I’ll sit there in my room or wherever and I’ll just go like, “A-B-C…” Just to get focused.

Not a bad strategy.
It’s weird, but it helps me.

OK, OK. Pre-game meal?
I usually have a turkey and cheese on a pretzel bun with chili. You’ve got protein, carbs and everything else.

Solid choice. Pre-game music?
Definitely more of like the rap, “get pumped up” type thing just to get it going.

Favorite rapper?
It would have to be Wiz Khalifa.

Good choice, good choice. Any nicknames?
Just Kate, Kitty…

Yeah people have called me Kitty.

I don’t know…Maybe I look like a cat? I don’t know.

What is the team’s record with you in the starting lineup?
Like … 40-7 maybe?

52-8. You were close. Who’s the best hitter on the team?
Best hitter on the team? I’d have to say Abbey Aiken.

Abbey Aiken, fair. Last year’s GLIAC Player of the Year.
Yeah, you know.

Funniest girl on the team?
Funniest girl on the team? Jess Majerle for sure.

Why’s that?
I guess she has this dry sense of humor, just her laugh. Whenever she makes a joke, she laughs and it’s just contagious.

Best dressed?
Well we don’t really dress up so I would have to say the best dressed would have to be Josie (Werner) because she dresses up the most?

Understandable. Favorite class you’ve taken at Grand Valley?
I would have to say my anatomy and physiology class because I like learning about the body and how it moves. It’s just fascinating to know that it’s unconscious – you don’t think about all your body does…

I could see that being interesting. What’s your dream job?
My dream job. Like realistic?

Anything. Dream.
My dream has always been to be an Olympic athlete.

That’s a good dream.
My realistic job would be like an ultrasound technician.

OK. That’s cool, is that what you’re going for, like your major?
Sort of. I’m going for Rec Therapy but hopefully later coming back to that.

Have you and your sister ever switched jerseys before a match to confuse people?
No, but we have switched classes. It was only in first grade. We were rebels back then.

You pulled it off though?

You got caught?
The teacher was yelling “Kourt” when I was there and I was like, “My name’s not Kourt. It’s Kate.” So I kind of screwed us.

That’s perfect.
At least we can say we tried.