SCDI project manager named sustainability champion

SCDI project manager named sustainability champion

Molly Waite

At Grand Valley State University, there are hundreds of leaders in sustainability, steadily working to improve their communities without worrying about receiving recognition for their work.

One of those sustainability leaders, Bart Bartels, project manager of the GVSU Sustainable Community Development Initiative, was pleasantly surprised last month to find he had been named a sustainability champion by MiBiz, a publication company that follows business news and information for West Michigan.

The article featuring Bartels was printed in the March 29 issue of MiBiz’s sustainability publication, Triple Bottom Line.

“I am surprised (to have been named a champion), actually,” Bartels said. “I never really think about recognition, but with all the great things that are going on at GVSU, I was honored to be recognized as part of those efforts.”

Bartels said he believes the GVSU community has many sustainability champions and that he considers himself to be very fortunately to be able to assist them in their efforts.

“Bart already was a sustainability champion in my eyes,” said Norman Christopher, executive director of SCDI. “He has a real passion for helping students with sustainability projects and pulling ot