Give Trump a chance before making judgments

Kelly Smith

We’ve all been talking about the election for a while now, with Donald Trump being a common topic of conversation. How will he lead our country? No one knows, and many people probably didn’t want to know. But nevertheless, Trump is confirmed to be our next president so it’s important to remember how to handle this shift between presidents.

First of all, I did not partake in this election because I wasn’t fond of either choice. I decided to follow guitarist Joe Walsh’s belief to put less focus on who’s leading the country and more focus on who’s leading our cities. That being said, I don’t think it’s my place to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t feel about the results of the election. However, there are a few things I want to make clear.

I know many of us probably think that Trump being president is a big joke, but he is a businessman and does have experience as a politician, making him at least not completely blind to the type of work required for a president. Also, there’s a lot of talk about how he’s probably going to ignite WWIII and strip all rights away from women and African-Americans and so on.

While such scenarios are certainly concerning, do we really have any rock-solid proof that would suggest it? A few of my friends have pointed out on Facebook that it says nowhere on Trump’s agenda that he plans on carrying any of these rumors out. Being concerned is one thing, but jumping to conclusions doesn’t do anything useful.

One of the major criticisms that people have pointed out are some of his derogatory comments especially the ones towards women. Such comments certainly are offensive and disgraceful, and should certainly be protested, but as I mentioned, there’s been no word that he plans on demolishing women’s rights because of his alleged views.

The point is that, even though some of us aren’t happy about it, Trump won fair and square. There’s nothing more to discuss about it. We may have a right to protest some of his views, but we can’t protest him out of office simply because we don’t like him.

Even President Barack Obama, who greatly encouraged people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the election, later announced that he does view Trump as a patriot and that he wishes Trump the best of luck in his presidency. He also put forth his own speech about respecting who is in charge. Trump may not be the most ideal candidate to a lot of people, and it’s perfectly understandable why they feel that way, but he is our new president, and we shouldn’t be so quick to make judgments based solely on how we think he will act on the job.

Although no one knows exactly what will happen during these next four years, we can always hope for the best, and continue doing everything that we can to make the world a better place, both individually and as a nation.