Question of the Issue

Do you feel you are well educated on GVSU’s sexual misconduct policies?

Joe Elsen 



Grand Rapids, MI

Yes, I do know, but maybe not as much as I should know.  

Briana Elledge



Southfield, MI

I feel that I’m well aware about it, I feel as though I’m well educated on GVSU’s sexual misconduct policy due to my feeling that the university would be aware of how to handle such situations. 

Alan Vashir


Information Systems

Jackson, MI

Isn’t it common sense? Yeah, I feel like I know about it.  

Hannah Dozeman


Film and Video 

Zealand, MI

Yeah I would think so, I took some quiz at the beginning of the semester about that.  But I’m a transfer student so I didn’t get all the introductory information.  So I would say kind of.