Question of the Issue

Maddie Forshee

“What are some difficult conversations you wish we had more at GVSU?”

“I think it’s really important to have an international perspective. In America, we’re really privileged and other countries don’t have that privilege.” 

Dave Inda


Economics and political science

Plainfield, Illinois

“Diversity or how to diversify. Otherwise, just avoiding stereotypes.” 

John Akers


English literature

Ferndale, Michigan

“I definitely think diversity is actually a really great topic. Diversity is something that there’s a lot of things going on in the news. There’s not a lot of people talking about how diverse this school really is.” 

Tara O’Connor


Advertising and public relations

Chicago, Illinois 

“Racism and women’s rights. I heard a lot about women’s right in the past two years.” 

Megan Hokanson


Speech language pathology

Hastings, Michigan