QOTI 9/8/16

Do you think GVSU is welcoming to students of color?

Emily Brasmer

Class standing: Junior

Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan

“I think it’s definitely a lot more of a safe environment than other places.”

Shawn Tally

Class standing: Junior

Major: Social work, minor in LGBT studies

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

“I don’t think it is very welcoming to students of color because there are a lot of policies, but at the end of the day there’s no execution.”

Skylar Wolfe

Class standing: Senior

Major: Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Psychology 

Hometown: Clare, Michigan

“It’s complicated. GVSU staff put tremendous efforts forth into making a welcoming campus, but as a predominately white institution, comfort is hard to sustain and retention suffers as a result.” 

Austin Ferenczi

Class standing: Senior

Major: Film and Video

Hometown: Niles, Michigan

“I think it offers a lot of clubs and student orgs that are welcoming, but there’s always something more they can do to improve.”