GVSU to host Campus Life Night 2.0

GVL/Kevin Sielaff - Students gather in the upstairs dining area of the Kirkhof Center for Campus Life Night 2.0 which takes place on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017.

GVL/Kevin Sielaff – Students gather in the upstairs dining area of the Kirkhof Center for Campus Life Night 2.0 which takes place on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017.

Ita Tsai

Grand Valley State University students looking to become more involved with clubs and other student organizations will have the chance to do so early on in the winter semester.

Campus Life Night (CLN) 2.0 will take place on Friday, Jan. 12, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center. The building will open its doors once more to students who may be interested in joining new organizations this semester. 

The annual event, organized by the Office of Student Life, is a smaller version of the event that is held earlier in the fall. Numerous stands will line the halls of the building on every floor. Spanning from Crave to the Grand River Room and the Pere Marquette Room, diverse student organizations will gather to attract new recruits. 

The variety of the clubs caters to a wide scope of interests, from academic and professional organizations to arts, service and advocacy, culture, fraternities and sororities, interfaith and sports.

“I found out about Dance Troupe through Campus Life Night, and it was probably the best decision I’ve made throughout college,” said Kaitlyn Pall, public relations head of the GVSU Dance Troupe. “You can really open yourself up to GV and see what they have to offer for all these activities outside of your classes.”

CLN 2.0 also gives GVSU students looking to branch out socially an opportunity to do so.

“One can also find purpose,” said Alex Berdy, head coach of the GVSU quidditch club, the Grand Valley Grindylows. “These are ways for people to fill their time in GV with friends and fun activities, and that’s how you flourish in college. The club will become your support group, and I think the quidditch team does that pretty well.” 

This event doesn’t only attract students who have an intention to join a club, though. Most stands will be giving out food and drinks and will provide activities and games to entertain passersby. 

“Even if you’re not sure that you’re interested in any of these clubs, you still get a bunch of free stuff and lots of information on things, so it’s just a very good opportunity to get to know the chances you have, especially if you played a sport in high school and can find a club that plays it,” Pall said.

The winter Campus Life Night is smaller and more contained than its fall counterpart, which is held outside. 

Juan Tafarello, a member of the GVSU men’s club volleyball, said the club won’t be sending a representative this semester. 

“The teams were already made with the students that applied last semester, so we aren’t really looking for new members,” he said.

The number of newcomers also decreases in the winter, and clubs don’t receive as many applications as they do in the first semester. 

“The first Campus Life Night does insanely well, and it usually gets us a lot of people on our team, but in this one we don’t yield the same results,” Berdy said. “Not as many people go to it, so we’ll be lucky to get two or three more people.”

Pall said the winter Campus Night Life “isn’t as big or as publicized.”

“We’re just searching for new recruits to open it up to more people and make them know that there are all levels in our organization,” she said. “You can have no experience at all or be straight out of a dance studio. We welcome everyone.”