Courtesy Photo /
The snowstorm that is blanketing the United States

Courtesy Photo / The snowstorm that is blanketing the United States

Molly Waite and Anya Zentmeyer

11“Contrary to popular belief, the irritating weather is no longer an irritant,” said senior econonomics major Chelsea Mandel.

Mandel and her roommates dragged groceries home Wednesday morning in plastic sleds over the snowy terrain that blanketed the streets and sidewalks after almost a foot fell over West Michigan and surrounding areas.

A local report by Storm Team 8 said a grand total of 16 inches fell in Allendale by 1 p.m. Wednesday, resulting in what Matt McLogan, vice president of university relations, said is the first full-day closing Grand Valley State University has seen since 2004.

“We close for classes when it is unsafe for faculty and commuting students to transit between their homes and our campuses, if we cannot keep up with plowing the parking lots on campus or if governmental authorities close roads or issue advisories telling citizens to stay at home,” he said. “Of course, the university itself remains open to those living and dining on campus.”

McLogan said unlike K-12 public school districts, universities do not have a state mandate for number of days allowed for snow days due to the nature of class work and learning environments.

“When students miss a class at Grand Valley, the work – or the examination, if scheduled for that day – must still be completed,” he said. “For that reason, we close only when it is absolutely necessary to do so.”

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