SCC protests for firearms on campus

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Andrew Justus

Grand Valley State University’s Students for Concealed Carry will be hosting their sixth-annual Empty Holster Protest, starting Monday an lasting through the week.

The protest is part of a broader movement among concealed carry advocates across the country to express their desire for state legislatures to allow students and university employees with concealed pistol licenses to possess their firearms on campus.

The group sees Empty Holster Week as a way to provide information on the controversial issue of carrying firearms on college campuses. As the name would suggest, participants will carry their empty gun holsters to draw attention.

In addition to wearing their empty gun holsters, students from SCC will also be manning a table on campus to “dispel common myths about firearms and discuss the evidence in support of removal of the pistol free zones,” said Brian Tucker, president of the GVSU chapter of SCC.

The group will also be hosting a free self-defense class on Friday at 6 p.m. in the South Gym. SCC will be teaching Krav Maga self defense techniques similar to those used by the Israeli Defense Force and the U.S. military.

“We offer this self-defense class not because we believe our students will be the victims of violent crime, but because there is the possibility,” Tucker said.

The GVSU chapter of SCC was established last October and is affiliated with a national organization of the same name.

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