Sports Briefs

GVL Staff


CARLEY BUSH: 1000-yard freestyle record (10 minutes, 22.01 seconds, Wenger from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) with a time of 10:16.22.

BUSH: 200-yard butterfly (2:07.22, Tan from Northern Michigan University) with a time of 2:06.49.

BUSH, KRISTEN EMERSON, CAITLYN MADSEN, SARAH KOSMAK: 800-yard freestyle (7:56.94, Oakland University) with a time of 7:49.34.

AARON BEEBE, DAVID HAYHOW, JOE SAYRE, DEREK MEADE: 800-yard freestyle relay (6:53.79, University of Indianapolis) with a time of 6:49.76.

BEEBE: 200-yard freestyle (1:41.91, Schrotenboer from GVSU) with a time of 1:41.66.

HAYHOW: 1,000-yard freestyle (9:31.81, Erard from Wayne State University) with a time of 9:30.26.

MILAN MEDO: 200-yard individual medley (1:55.06, Abascal from Wayne State) with a time of 1:54.63.

RAPHAEL SANTOS: 200-yard backstroke (1:51.88, Schrotenboer from Oakland) with a time of 1:50.62.