Are you ready to make a MAJOR decision?

Stephanie Schoch

Dear life,

Why me? Why now? Just…why? I’d rather have lemons right now.

No, school isn’t all too difficult, but there’s so much pressure to pick a major. Apparently about 80 percent of college students change their majors at least once. And those quizzes that will magically tell you what you should do for a good 50 years? They’re surely accurate – the fact that people get “model” and “pet food taster” just describes how wonderful some of these sources can be: It’s like they know you personally!

Internships, job shadowing and research is all that I want to do right now, especially because my major, like so many others, is currently undecided. There’s no doubt that Grand Valley has some amazing resources to help students out here, but ultimately you’re the deciding factor in what you want to do in life.

Throughout high school, we’ve been taught to “get the A,” but here at college, we’re learning things that will help develop a future career. People are usually terrified to declare a major because they think that it is set in stone, it’ll end up boring them, or worse, they will be unhappy in the long run. Unfortunately, these are very legitimate fears. So how, at 17 or 18 years old, are people supposed to be ready to perform this daunting task?

Yet again, I feel so young. Too young to get a legitimate job, clean my apartment or buy my own groceries.

With Halloween coming up, nostalgia is starting to set in. Obi Wan Kenobi costumes, eating so much candy that by the end of the night moving is not an option, running from house to house – we should do it again this year. Growing older is inevitable, but growing up doesn’t necessarily have to be. Especially not on October 31st.

So forget about choosing that major and eat some candy corn. And no, I will not be held responsible if you choose to skip classes, munch on candy and sit in your room dressed up like Raggedy Ann. I’m not saying that skipping class and not caring is the way to go, but people really need to learn to relax a bit more. We’re more than half way through the semester, and although school is incredibly important (isn’t that why we are all here?), if you haven’t learned to live yet, this is the time – before the dreaded snow comes and Arctic life begins.

Forgetting entirely about school for a minute, it’s easy to remember summer, random hobbies and becoming best friends with your couch. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have a countdown going for how many days are left before winter break. But seeing as the days are not passing any quicker than before, why not enjoy it?

You’ll be alright, just take a break for a second and remind yourself of your goals. Just stay optimistic, and don’t get voted off the island.

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