QOTI Nov 17

“It’s not a super bad problem, but it’s still present.”

Estevan Mares, Sophmore, CIS major, from Holland, Mich.

“People who think it is are probably just really uptight about second-hand smoke and they don’t want the smell around them so they’re infringing on other people’s pursuit of happiness.”

Ryne Mitra, Sophmore, Ad. and Public Relations major, from Northville, Mich.

“I think it’s actually less of a problem than it has been. It’s not as public as it has been. I feel like it’s getting better.”

Lauren Begg, Senior, Biopsychology, from Plainfield, Illinois

“I don’t think it’s a huge issue. Personally I think it’s not the best thing to be doing but it isn’t a big issue on campus.”

Megan Plekker, Freshman, Chemical Engineering, Byron Center, Mich.

“I feel like it really isn’t, but sometimes by the bridge or by classrooms it is because it’s more prevalent. So, some areas, yes, but overall I don’t think it is.”

Rachel Paris, Sophmore, Biomedical Sciences, from Davison, Mich.