Intramurals are a gift from the sport’s gods

	Got the Runs (pictured) poses as a team before their final intramural club softball game.

Anya Zentmeyer

Got the Runs (pictured) poses as a team before their final intramural club softball game.

Brady Fredericksen

The grass is as green as you’ve ever seen, and playing under the lights at the new GVSU Intramural Fields may very well be the closest anyone ever gets to playing under the lights at Yankee Stadium.

Ok, the grass may not really be grass, and it may just be intramural softball, but the idea of these sports is something that makes the college experience that much better.

There are no negatives that come with these sports. I’ve played softball and flag football in my two years here; you want to know how many games I’ve won?

Two, total.

I’m pretty sure the career-record of teams I’ve been a part of is 2-16. Either we just haven’t been very good, or I’m a team cancer of the likes of Allen Iverson.

My career winning percentage is early-2000s Detroit Lions and Tigers bad.

Winning and losing doesn’t matter in intramurals. Sure, it’d be nice if the eloquently named “Got The Runs” could somehow win the spring co-ed softball league this spring – finally getting me to the ultimate prize of a champion’s t-shirt.

It’s fun to play sports with your friends, even the ones who have never picked up a ball in their lives. When you’re sitting at third base screaming “DUCKS ON THE POND” even though your team isn’t even the one with the bases loaded, you’re living the dream.

Sure, there’s always going to be the team who cares way too much. You know, the ones with matching t-shirts, choreographed celebrations and David Ortiz-like shifts for left-handed hitters.
They’re the evil. I’d much prefer to be on a team that loses five of six games they play, has a couple teammates who tailgate for their own game a little too hard and love to jump around like crazy maniacs after someone turns a grounder to third into a single.

It’s ok that you re secretly keeping track of your batting average – even though I’m sure mine’s better. Don’t be ashamed of it, this is fun no matter if you’re up 12-3 or down 12-3.

This is the chance everyone gets to finally play sports without pressure. There’s no structure, like that of high school sports, and there’s no pressure from that parent who made you play baseball, even thought you only got on base after being hit by pitches.

Whatever your reason is, it’s a good one. Pick up your ball glove, grab a lime-colored softball and go toss it around with some friends.

I mean, maybe you could win the shirt we all desire.

Just kidding, that shirt belongs to Got The Runs this year.

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