So Many Plans, So Little Time

Garrick See

As I am writing to you now, I have the privilege of witnessing yet another snowfall that prompts me to claim the official arrival of winter – even though it’s not even December yet. Strangely enough, this upcoming winter seems to be more effective and early than the last one, which might suggest that it’ll be nice and cold this time around. Part of me wishes for the semester to end so that I can fly back to my hot and humid country, and then the other part of me wishes to celebrate Christmas for the very first time in New York.

We all have plans for this Christmas; some will go back home and enjoy it with their loved ones near a cozy fire, while others might want to get away to a foreign land and witness a different kind of celebration. Some will go skiing while others will go down South instead. Bottom line is, even if you don’t have a plan for the next upcoming holiday, that itself is a plan in which you will follow religiously.

More often than not, someone in your family is thinking about an event or a place to go to right now for Christmas. Whether it’d be going to your grandparents’ place in Ohio or just spending time at home watching It’s A Wonderful Life, Christmas is arguably the most festive holiday of all, even for all types of religions.

It all boils down to the trees, decorations, red and green, food, presents and warm hugs and kisses. It is an opportunity to express our love for one another and a chance to gather once again after Thanksgiving. Now, most people will say that Christmas is an overrated holiday that revolves around consumerism. Part of it is true but they don’t take into account the intentions behind buying gifts and presents for people. We buy things for people because it is just a way to show that we really care and think of them enough to make the effort. Sure, we can just give them a solid “Congrats!”, but to each their own.

My whole plan for this Christmas is just to see my family for the first time in over a year and to spend time with my little brother. The older I get, my idea of getting presents diminishes to a point that I do not require anything from my parents. I used to be that kid that demands a specific toy and if I didn’t get it, I would throw a fit in front of everybody. Those days are long gone – now I just Tweet about it.

I am still fearfully dreading the harsh winter winds come December, but I am more than prepared now with all my winter gear. I just hope that it won’t be too bad to a point that I’m stuck at home with three blankets around me and a thermometer in my mouth.
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