I want you to want me

Garrick See

How do men get women to like us? We’re not particularly smart, God knows we have no sense of hygiene, and most often than not we are loud, crude and over the top obscene. So, why do our female counterparts find us attractive enough to go out with us?

Women find men attractive not because of their muscles or hair or sense of fashion. It’s not even because of their personality or niceness. The real truth women want us is because we want them as well. But how do I justify that, you ask? It all comes down to the levels of wanting.

Level 1 – Want
This is the first stage of feeling drawn towards someone at the beginning stage of meeting. You meet a girl, she says hey, you say hi, and then you get to talk some more depending if the topic is interesting enough. Most people are safe in this level because it doesn’t require much effort or risk.

Level 2 – Desire
This is where both parties find each other compatible enough to either go on a dinner date or crank up the phone bill due to texting. The relationship is blossoming and it all seems like a great romantic movie that’s being repeated again and again. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Level 3 – Long
Now, this is where it gets tricky. Most often than not men fall into this level more than women. We dig a hole too deep for ourselves to get out of and it leads to countless amounts of looking at her Facebook pictures or laying in bed just thinking about her. See, women tend to have more control here because they’re the wait-and-see species whereas men are the predators who act fast before the prey, that’s you ladies, runs away.

Level 4 – Yearn
Just a tiny bit higher than Level 3 represents a strong and deep emotion for a person to a point that you find yourself thinking, “I can’t live without him/her.” You can’t eat, you can’t sleep. You’re basically so captivated that your true self doesn’t exist anymore. You must have him/her.

Level 5 – Crave/Stalk
This is pretty much self-explanatory.

Most relationships end up down in the drain because both parties have different levels of wanting. He may long for her but she just wants him for the smallest reason possible. Relationships are all about give and take and if someone’s not giving, you can’t take it.

So, with all that said we now know that there’s no hidden strategy for women to want men. I mean, sure there are the Brad Pitts of the world but why bother with him if he doesn’t want you in the first place? I say just stick to what you know and be yourself. Unless of course you’re a heavy-duty stalker who goes to extremes in order to have someone in your life. You should probably seek help then.

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