Insomnia Cookies looks to cater to your late-night munchies

Insomnia Cookies, 10745 48th Ave Suite A-100, Allendale Charter Twp.  GVL / Katherine Vasile 

Insomnia Cookies, 10745 48th Ave Suite A-100, Allendale Charter Twp.  GVL / Katherine Vasile 

James Kilborn

Open just in time for Grand Valley State University’s 2018 fall semester, Insomnia Cookies provides decadent treats to fuel the study sessions that last long into the night. The chain is a popular staple on many college campuses across the country, as students are one of the target demographics specifically identified by the brand. Joining a number of other establishments such as Cottage Inn Pizza and Mully’s Bar and Grill, Insomnia Cookies hopes to capitalize on its proximity to a number of off-campus housing complexes, such as Meadows Crossing and Campus West Apartments. 

Morgan Mary, employee of Insomnia Cookies, says that the store has been popular since it opened on Sept. 18 with several customers coming during late-night hours. 

“Everyone’s eating a lot of everything,” Mary said, stating that no particular item is most popular due to the store’s diverse menu options. Customers have the option to choose from traditional to deluxe cookies with other delights offered.  

“Some of the things people like are the packs you can get,” Mary said. “We have an array of different cookies you can choose from, as well as several ice cream options. Cookie cakes are a great choice for birthdays or if you just have a big group of people that have a sweet tooth for something. Ice cream is available so customers can make ice cream sandwiches, and we have brownies as well; whatever you’re feeling for the day, we’ve got it.”

Insomnia Cookies was founded by Seth Berkowitz while he attended the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. He found that there was a distinct market for delivering fresh cookies on campus and expanded the model to over 134 locations spread across the east coast. The popularity of the brand stands as a testament to entrepreneurship as well as capitalizing on students’ high-sugar appetites. 

Moreover, Mary states that the store has been nonstop busy ever since it opened and many of the students in the surrounding apartment complexes are frequent customers. 

“Ever since we opened, we’ve been packed out the door,” Mary said. “The first week was a lot of students waiting in line out to the sidewalk; it was definitely popular. We get a portion of our customers walking from next door (in 48 West), and we’ve been getting tons of delivery requests as well.”

Part of the popularity is the store’s model of not only staying open late-night, but also delivering cookies long after midnight. 

“We’re open until three in the morning and we also deliver until close,” Mary said. “We’re open all day so the best time to come is in the morning to beat the long lines.”

As GVSU continues to grow, additional businesses see an opportunity and decide to open close to campus. With around 25,000 students enrolled, many large national chains view Allendale as a market that will continue to see growth, as the influx of incoming students will provide the revenues needed to grow their enterprises. 

GVSU students have demonstrated their economic value, and companies that once would have scoffed at locating in west Michigan have now reconsidered. In the case with Insomnia Cookies, there are enough students who crave nocturnal snickerdoodles, and that’s all that matters.