Spotlight Productions, LGBT Resource Center to host annual viewing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

GVL / Courtesy -

GVL / Courtesy –

Taylor Crowley

The cult classic film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is coming to Grand Valley State University. The annual GVSU showing of the film will take place in the Kirkhof Center Grand River Room Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 9 p.m. Admission to the showing is free, and snacks will be provided.

This year, Spotlight Productions has partnered with the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center to celebrate the center’s 10-year anniversary as an official space at GVSU. The LGBT Resource Center will be starting the event with an interactive discussion on “Reasons to Love Rocky: 44 Years of Mayhem!”

They will also be hosting a costume contest and encouraging students to partake in the spooky yet glamorous atmosphere of the event. 

“This movie is one of mine and my mom’s favorite films, so when I got put in charge of the event, I was like, ‘Oh, this is exciting,’” said Katie Clayton, special events chair for Spotlight Productions. 

Clayton spoke highly of the movie and said she is excited to be a part of the production of GVSU’s annual showing. Clayton touched on the turnout of the event and how the amount of students expected for the event has grown every year. 

“Rocky Horror” is known for having a dedicated following. At previous showings, students have dressed up in full costume. Commonly, students will dress as their favorite character to match their favorite actor as they watch the show. 

“I think it’s awesome that GVSU hosts this movie annually,” said Shawn Burkholder Jr., who is planning on attending the event. “I saw it at Celebration! Cinema for its annual showing. I just love the crazy, gimmicky tradition of it. The music is ridiculously good. It’s funny, zany and there’s a bunch of background to it. If you’re obsessed with the movie, you could really get into it. 

“It’s perfect for after Halloween; it’s all about being crazy and kooky.” 

Burkholder spoke highly of the traditions of “Rocky Horror,” expressing his love and appreciation for the movie. He said he will attend the event, as he does annually. 

“Rocky Horror” was released in 1975 and is still a popular film today. The music and dances made the movie a huge hit, as it features rock ‘n’ roll songs and some risqué dance moves, most popularly the “pelvic thrust.” While watching the movie, the audience is encouraged to sing along to the songs and dance with the music.

This year, because the LGBT Resource Center and Spotlight Productions are co-sponsoring the event, the event is LIB 100- and 201-approved, so the attendance is expected to be much higher.

“We’ll have popcorn and candy, and everyone can come in and listen to the speech before the movie begins,” Clayton said. “The showing is free, and it’ll be cool to watch this really awesome movie.”