Make your voice heard

Jesse Bernal

Today marks the opening of Grand Valley State University’s fifth campus-wide climate assessment.

It was groundbreaking in 1993 when GVSU first asked all faculty, staff and students to share their experiences of the campus, so much so that members of the survey committee went classroom to classroom in their effort to get responses to what was then a paper-and-pencil-only survey. Few universities had undertaken such efforts to assess and improve their campus climates.

Today, GVSU is still a leader in this field, having completed more assessments in its short history than many institutions that opened their doors decades before GVSU.

Much progress has been made since our first climate survey to make GVSU an even better place for people of all backgrounds and identities to learn, live and work. This progress has been possible in no small part because faculty, staff and students alike made their voices heard.

Most members of our community have positive experiences at GVSU but unfortunately, this is not true all the time for everyone. We must continue to work to make GVSU an institution in which all people can thrive as their authentic selves.

To do so, we need to hear from you.

Because your open and honest participation in this survey is so critical, the Division of Inclusion and Equity has taken key steps to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible sharing your experiences in the myGVSU Climate Survey 2015.

The information you share is strictly confidential and will not be connected with your name or email address. Amplitude Research, a leading survey administration firm, will administer the survey and remove all identifying information from the data.

Amber Gonzalez, an assistant professor in the college of education at California State University, Sacramento, and expert in campus climate assessments, has been chosen to conduct the initial data analysis. This ensures that individuals cannot be identified through their responses to the survey. In addition, all data will be encrypted, stored securely and accessible only to a limited number of individuals. Full details are outlined on our website at

Please join us in our effort to make GVSU an even more welcoming place — where all people can succeed — by taking the survey and encouraging your classmates, colleagues, friends and students to do the same.

I am looking forward to the work we will do together to identify and implement changes based on what we learn from the myGVSU Climate Survey 2015.