Rocky Horror scene returns to GVSU

Chanon Cummings

With a bag full of props and students dressed for the occasion, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will become much more than just another movie night at Grand Valley State University.

On Oct. 30, Spotlight Productions will turn the Grand River Room in the Kirkhof Center into an interactive Rocky Horror experience.

“Those who are Rocky Horror fans can watch the movie in the comfort of their own home, so we needed to think of a way to get them to experience Rocky Horror at Grand Valley,” said Ashley Grzywacz, Spotlight’s events and traditions chair. “Doing so, we started the interactive show alongside a costume contest that the fans thoroughly enjoy.”

The event will give students a chance to meet others who are interested in the same type of things they are. Students are able to relax and have fun with the interactive parts of the movie, said Alexis Fryatt, an events and traditions committee member.

“We have been doing interactive showings for a few years now, and it allows the students to get involved,” Grzywacz said.

Everyone in attendance is given a bag full of props along with a prop “How-To” list, so those new to the Rocky Horror scene know how and when to use the props.

Spotlight Productions has worked with other organizations in the past, but this year it is putting on the event solo.

To mark the first year on its own, the organization has decided to try to make the atmosphere of the event more “Halloweeny,” Grzywacz said.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show does fall perfectly into the Halloween season,” Fryatt said. “Some Halloween decorations will be used to set the atmosphere, and the prizes for the costume contest are Halloween-themed.”

On average, 250 to 300 people usually participate in the event each year.

“I, myself, have never seen the show, and I am looking forward to this event and learning about the truly unique experience that the show provides,” Fryatt said.

There will be popcorn, prizes, confetti and an opportunity to get “rained on”—without giving too much away for newcomers, Gryzwacz said. “This show is a tradition. I see the same people return every year. It’s more than just a movie, but (it’s) an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

The movie starts at 9 p.m. More information can be found on the GVSU website under events.

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