The One Where I Try Out Campus Dining

Here at GVSU, there’s this fancy little thing called Campus Dining. It’s really not that fancy, you’ve only got about four options of where to go, the kid behind the counter is probably in your math class, and since most of us aren’t foodies, just late-teens to mid-twenties students with growling stomachs and empty wallets, nobody’s too picky about what exactly they’re getting in their breakfast. For my first Campus Dining adventure, I chose the Connection on the south end of campus. Walking in, there’s really no visible line. There’s no hint of any elementary school style single file anything. Since I have yet developed the ability to tell who’s who around here, everyone is a freshman to me. The funny thing about college is that you can be 5’9” with a full beard and still be in your first year. Kind of throws off everything. Meanwhile, about every other group of girls I see (Girls are always in a group. Always. Most of us travel in packs, no joke) is scrambling for a salad as though at any moment the kitchen will run out of lettuce and they’ll be forced to eat carbs. The horror. I get it, everyone is trying to avoid the ever-legendary, always feared Freshman 15. But whole wheat bread is a wonderful thing. Good news is, I’ve finally found the line. The problem? The menu. All I’ve been told is that the options with the little gold circle next to them are a meal, which counts for your meal plan. Everything else is either cash, credit, debit, or what everybody keeps calling Debit Dollars. There are two issues with this: a) I have astigmatism and a penchant for not always wearing my glasses. b) I have no idea what Debit Dollars are. It rings no bells. I don’t even know if I have any. Is there an app for that? Thankfully, someone in front of me overheard my and my roommate’s conversation and very kindly explained the process to us. It’s actually not that complicated, and I still don’t know what Debit Dollars are (if you do: help a sister out, please) but all I know is that I got my sandwich and made myself a good old half-lemonade-half-iced tea from the soda fountain, so I’m a happy girl at this point. That is, until I almost spilled my drink everywhere and had to send out an SOS to my roommate for a lid and napkins. Hopefully I can forget about that little fiasco before I undoubtedly do it again, except maybe next time it’ll be something like hot coffee or a strawberry smoothie, just because my life is a never-ending montage of me spilling things, But I digress. Fortunately finding a seat is not really that challenging. Most of us have put high school behind us, so finding a seat to eat lunch is no longer some sort of twisted, Mean Girls-esque “what clique are you in?” type popularity contest. Which is nice. As for the food itself, well, nothing beats mama’s home cooking. But hey, most of it’s healthy, it tastes good, and let’s face it, we’re all living the broke college kid life now, so any food is basically good food. I would advise against the focaccia roll though; it was so thick all I could taste of my sandwich was bread. So, to end it all, if you saw a girl in the Connection last week eating her turkey sandwich open-faced like an idiot, that was me. And I am shameless.