What your Halloween costume says about you

Christine Colleran

Halloween in college-world is nearly identical to Halloween at age 5. We may have swapped our Butterfingers for Bud Lights (or we just embrace both), and our costumes may no longer be fun sized, but the excited anticipation of the spooky holiday lives on.

Part of this anticipation lies in the quest for the perfect costume. Now, an amazing costume can’t exactly be defined- there is simply too much diversity in the costume field as a whole. Costumes can, however, be examined by category. Like it or not, your costume and subsequent category say a little something about you. Here’s how we break it down:

Costume option 1: The exhibitionist. This category exists purely for the purpose of showing off the goods. While guys have their sexy-man costumes as well, girls are the real offenders here. Just slap the word slutty or sexy in front of any costume idea to make it work. Examples: slutty nurse, sexy Disney princess, slutty armadillo- anything goes. I attempted this two years ago with the classic “sexy rocker” costume (however, I managed to get laryngitis the day before Halloween, which was both hysterically ironic and not in the least bit sexy.) Regardless of my failed attempt, an exhibitionist costume tells others you are confident, ready to have a good time and slightly cocky.

Costume option 2: The comedian. The comedian category houses the witty folk. These costumes aren’t always obvious but definitely have some thought behind them. The clever comic may pull a Jim from “The Office” and write “Book” across his/her face, transforming into Facebook. Other comic costumes: old people, tourists, hot dogs and Lindsay Lohan. The comedian doesn’t rely on exhibition to make a statement. These costumes proclaim, “I’m funny- and I know it.”

Costume option 3: The minimalist. Minimalist costumes go by the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid.) Some examples of minimalist costumes: pumpkins, the white sheet ghost and t-shirts that read, “This is my Halloween costume.” These are easygoing individuals. They have a little spirit – but they won’t be over the top. Try asking this person to be your designated driver.

Costume option 4: The overachiever. The total Halloween enthusiast belongs in this category. We’re talking complete face makeup, fake blood, hand-sewn costumes, the whole nine yards. These people work on their costumes for months, and it shows. The costume overachiever is full of life and may be a bit hyper (blame the candy corn.) Intense and enthusiastic, you want them on your team for Halloween games.

This is not to say that the costume options can’t be mixed and matched. You can simultaneously be a costume overachiever and an exhibitionist. You can rock a minimalist costume one night and a comedian the next. So put on your telling costume, grab your Butterfingers and Bud Lights (if you’re of age, of course,) and go have yourself a Halloween.
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