One helluva Haunt

Kendall Gilbert

Since then, The Haunt has expanded to include four sprawling attractions, playing on the theme of phobias for each chilling turn you take. Even if you went last year, don’t expect to see the same show twice.

Included in this compound of fear are the indoor attractions The Haunt, Trapped and Clown Alley 3D. They also offer an outdoor attraction, the Dark Maze, for visitors who aren’t bothered by the cold.

If you live in the greater Grand Rapids area, The Haunt is not only the premier venue for haunted houses, but it also has the benefit of a convenient location. Parking is $2.00 across from the venue; however if you’re the frugal fear fanatic, drive past the gates to the attraction while heading north on Waldorf and look for a drive that leads to a parking lot on the right. Park back there and enjoy the free lot and the autumn walk.

The Haunt begins its hair-raising assault on your senses almost immediately upon entering the grounds. You can expect to run into a host of gruesome-looking figures as you wait to buy your tickets and wait in line. Expect to feel a bit like cattle being corralled into a pen for the better part of your visit considering you will shuffle around up to an hour before you enter The Haunt. On select nights you can enjoy a ghostly dance performance while you wait.

The Haunt has some of the most impressive scenery and props, making you feel like they could do a fine job of staging an impromptu Broadway horror show. Don’t expect to be scared if you’ve got an eyes wide open approach to haunted houses. The Haunt is better at delivering quick thrills and sudden surprises than giving you a prolonged pant wetting experience. With a ‘no grabbing no touching policy’ and well lit corridors, how can you expect to enjoy yourself without the aid of awesome scenery and visual stimulation of fears brought to life?

No vampires, witches or werewolves to be found here. The Haunt would rather you be grossed out than scared. You will enjoy the dead bodies that beat against your back when you walk through the morgue that actually smells like rotting flesh, the woods with sick psychos lurking behind realistic trees, and the little girl dolls that run amuck with tiny, screeching voices. SPOILER ALERT! Expect the end to be the best thrill of them all, when your group will be separated so that you can complete the final leg of the journey solo through a dark maze followed by men with chainsaws.

The Haunt will be open nightly from Tuesday through Halloween. Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday through Monday The Haunt is open from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., with extended hours offered Friday and Saturday.

There are several ticket price options for visitors. General admission to the indoor Haunt is $15.00. Trapped and Clown Alley are each an additional $1.00 if you buy the general admission pass. A speed pass will cost you $19.00, which puts you at the front of what is expected to be a crowded week. The Haunt and Dark Maze combo is $21.00, and you can purchase a Monster Combo which includes admission to The Haunt, the Dark Forest, Trapped and Clown Alley in 3D for $26.00.

The Haunt’s website offers a coupon for $26.00 off when you buy two Monster Combo passes online. Tickets can be purchased online or on site, and they accept cash and credit purchases.

For more information, visit or call 616-791-9818.

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