Student Spotlight showcase- Students showcase their musical talents

Briana Doolan

Grand Valley State University’s Spotlight Productions hosts the Student Spotlight Showcase once a month. After last Tuesday’s showcase, there is one left this year on March 21.

“It’s a great way to relax, enjoy some free food and listen to some amazing musical talent GV has to offer,” Spotlight Productions said. “It is one of the few events that Spotlight does where students get to be the performers.”

Students can contact Spotlight Productions to sign up from a 15-minute slot to perform in front of their friends and colleagues. Performances can include things like singing or playing an instrument, among other things.

“Any sort of musical performance is welcome: Singing, guitar, bass, piano etc,” Spotlight Productions said. “The majority of the performers play guitar and sing. They will perform cover songs and do originals.”

An email gets sent out to performers a week before the show. If anyone is interested in performing they can contact [email protected].

“Students who enjoy playing music should participate because it is a way to get to perform in front of a small crowd,” Spotlight Productions said. “Students should attend to see what talented peers they have at Grand Valley.”

[email protected]