Remembering the simple things this holiday season

Amy McNeel

We are living in a time of distress. The news seems to be almost always bad, with stories on shootings, rage, police brutality and ongoing political drama. While these issues aren’t necessarily new, they seem more alive and relevant than ever. While our world is filled with hate, it can be so easy to drown in the bad things. However, as we enter the holidays, I think we all need to do a better job of remembering and being thankful for the simple things in life. 

We all know what’s going on in the world, and sometimes we can let the negatives get the best of us. We hear about the violence, the suffering and the controversy going on in our world, and these issues mix with our own troubles. We have work, we have school, we have hours of homework and studying, and beyond that, we each have our own personal hardships. 

With so much conflict filling our plates, pessimism can fill us to the brim. Luckily, the holiday season is just around the corner, providing an opportunity to clear our plates and fill them with thanks instead of sorrow. 

Of course, the holidays are a break from school and stress, but they are also a time to be aware of simple blessings. Life’s complexities can certainly take over and blur the things we are thankful for, and we can undoubtedly end up taking these things for granted. 

With this in mind, I challenge you this holiday season to step back and think about the good things in your life because often the good outweighs the bad. Be thankful for the people in your life who love and challenge you. Be thankful for the experiences you’ve had and the memories you keep. Be thankful for the food you get to eat and the water you get to drink. Be thankful for your education. But, most importantly, be thankful for your life. 

Yes, there are tragedies all around us, but there are also so many good things that get overlooked. The media focuses on bad things that happen, and oftentimes, so do we. It’s time to stop that stigma; just because something is bad doesn’t mean that it is more important than something that is good. 

This holiday season, I’m not asking you to be ignorant but to take a step back and remember the good things in life. The holidays are all about being surrounded by loved ones and being thankful for the things we’ve been given. In a world full of hate, I challenge you to remember the simple things in life. 

Although simple blessings are small, they truly do add up. So call your friends and family and tell them each that you are thankful for them. Do something kind for others and remember that life is not all bad. Who knows, if we all start thinking more positively, maybe we can also make the world a more positive place.