Board of Trustees to approve $22.1 million increase in requested state appropriations

Courtesy Photo /
Vice President of University Relations Matt McLogan

Courtesy Photo / Vice President of University Relations Matt McLogan

Anya Zentmeyer

The Board of Trustees at Grand Valley State University is scheduled for its fourth meeting of 2010 on Oct. 22 to discuss matters of money, enrollment and construction among other things.

Matt McLogan, vice president for University Relations, will announce the 2011-2012 Annual State Appropriation request. Last year GVSU received about $61.9 million from the state, but this year the university is asking for about $84.8 million, a $22.1 million increase. The increase, McLogan said, is not an “invented number.”

“$3,775 is the number that the state itself has indicated that Grand Valley should receive per full-time student,” he said. “But we don’t.”

The difference between this year’s and last year’s request is for exactly that. If the appropriations are approved, GVSU would receive the indicated amount of funding per full time student, $3,775 – something the university has been petitioning to the state for years now.

“The problem has been that in none of those years did the state have that kind of money available, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ask,” he said.

McLogan will also present the Capital Outlay Budget request for fiscal year 2012 along with the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan.

In other money matters, Vice President for Development Maribeth G. Wardrop will announce the last year of GVSU’s first-ever comprehensive campaign, “Shaping Our Future,” along with the Developmental Department’s focus on university capital. Wardrop will also accept gifts and grants from the University that total more than $1.3 million.

A breakdown of gifts and grants show a 67.2 percent increase for total annual giving during the same period last year – a jump from $210,182 to $351,449. Alumni donations have seen the sharpest increase at 208.4 percent along with a 90.2-percent increase in parent and family donations. Faculty, staff and retiree giving decreased by 4.6 percent, and the unrestricted Grand Valley Fund shows a decrease of 13.6 percent over the last year.

The report concludes that the GVF decrease is in part due to the focus on Shaping Our Future campaign capital projects and priorities. The report also states many large, one-time gifts from annual giving constituents impact the substantial growth for this academic year.

Tom Butcher of University Counsel will discuss land acquisition of 4497 Fillmore St. for future university purposes, and James Moyer of Facilities Planning will discuss the Seidman College of Business Building’s selection of architect, civil engineer and construction manager, approval of project budget, source of funds, project schedule, site plan, and authorization of the submission of documents to the State of Michigan. The same will be discussed for the Student Recreations Fields project.

Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Services and Information Technology Lynn Blue, alongside Registrar Jerry Montag, will give the Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 enrollment reports in addition to the financial aid report for Fall 2010. Athletic Director Tim Selgo will also give the 2009-2010 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics annual report.

Special Assistant for Charter Schools Timothy Wood will present his resolution for authorizing site change for Hanley International Academy along with the Appointment of Charter School Board of Directors.

Julia Guevara, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, will report the University Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 Implementation Update for 2010 and the meeting will close with President Thomas J. Haas’ President’s Report.

The meeting will be called to order at 11 a.m. on the second floor of the Kirkhof Center. [email protected]