Don’t be blue about Valentine’s Day

Jessica Hodge

Just because you don’t have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to celebrate; celebrate yourself! Whether you have a partner with whom you can appreciate or you don’t, you can still celebrate the holiday, just in a non-traditional way.

If you have a special someone to celebrate on this special day, then do so! The norm is flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other sorts of tangible gifts that try to convey the meaning of love as best as they can. But a simple “I love you” and a card can do the trick, perhaps taking them out to dinner or just for some ice cream.

However, many people do not have someone to share this day with, so they become cynical and sulk in their rooms about it. But that isn’t what the holiday is for. Valentine’s Day, whether believed to be a made-up holiday or not, is to celebrate those that you love and cherish.

So, perhaps you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to cherish, but you have yourself. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true: you should love yourself before you love anyone else. So use Valentine’s Day to really treat and love and appreciate yourself.

You could treat yourself to a manicure, a big box of chocolates and an adorable teddy bear, or maybe go out and buy yourself a new jersey, or the new video game you’ve been eyeing. Celebrate how much you love yourself and make it your day! It may not feel as special as when someone else would buy those things for you, but remember that it’s about you.

Ok, so maybe you feel a bit weird celebrating yourself, which is understandable. Pick someone else who might need some love in their life and show them kindness and affection. Perhaps your roommate just got broken up with, your boss has been down in the dumps or maybe you just want to celebrate your dog. (Because who doesn’t love their dog?)

There might be a decent amount of people in your life that you can choose to share and express your appreciation for them. Bake some cookies, write a nice card and tell them that you appreciate them and are glad they are in your life – sometimes that’s all they need.

The point is that Valentine’s Day is not only for lovey-dovey, sappy couples to publicize their love and make others feel miserable about not having a significant other. The point is to celebrate those that you love and are happy to have in your life. Even if you are single, you can still find something or someone to celebrate! Whether it be treating yourself, your dog or maybe even your parents, just to show them how much you love and cherish them. 

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