Letter to the Editor: Race is Irrelevant

I would like to express my disappointment in the Lanthorn for running two different, yet very similar articles implying the lack of color diversity on campus in the past week. These articles were titled “Minority enrollment on the rise, but GV still trails” and “Minority role models scarce at GV.” While the African American population is lower than average and there are fewer minority authority figures here at Grand Valley, I have to pose the question: Why does it matter? I by no means am trying to offend anyone by saying this, just merely trying to make the point that race is irrelevant.

I believe that the Lanthorn was trying to show support for diversity, but I think it backfired. We, as students are completely aware that the majority of GV students are white, this isn’t news to us. What I don’t understand is why the Lanthorn felt it necessary to write two front page stories highlighting this fact. We are all people, all Grand Valley students seeking to achieve a degree and have a good college experience. It shouldn’t matter what color our skin is.

And while I can’t compare my experience here with an experience at another “more racially diverse” school, I would not say that Grand Valley is lacking in diversity what so ever. Skin color doesn’t determine a person’s personality, interests, or culture. I am friends with people here who come from big cities and tiny towns, people who are vegans, dodgeball players, artists, and Iraq war veterans.

The Lanthorn really needs to consider what is really newsworthy and stop separating the student population by race. Minorities and people of color bring more to this university than just the color of their skin.

Megan Flynn

GVSU Junior

[email protected]