“I believe it is because I see nothing against it. Right now, everyone in this room with me is different. We have Latinos here, African-Americans here, so yes I believe we have diversity.”

David Acuna, freshman, Chemical Engineering, Whitehall, Michigan

“I think even after the election, people openly expressed who they were with, and nobody bashed anyone for being a part of a certain political group. The staff is very diverse–my adviser is Serbian, so there’s a bunch of different backgrounds here.”

Kaiya Bryant, junior, Psychology/Criminal Justice, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I’d say they are. Even my classrooms, we do attract a large range of people of all kinds of ethnicities, so yea I believe they’re pretty diverse.”

Hunter Streling, freshman, International Relations, Washington, Michigan

“I’ve noticed a lot of diversity around campus, a lot more than other schools I’ve visited.”

Charlie Dorn, freshman, Engineering, Holland, Michigan