Getting hyped for Laker football

Kelly Smith

With the fall semester officially underway, so is the 2017 football season. Since I’ve been here at Grand Valley State University, we’ve had some thrilling and suspenseful times on the football field. 

Twice we have even made it as far as the semifinals before finally being stopped, which I find to be very impressive. How many schools can say that? Unfortunately, one of our big rivals, Ferris State, took us out of the competition slightly earlier this past year, and I’m sure hoping that we’re ready for some redemption this year. 

I’ve written in the past about football, about how it shouldn’t take all of our attention off our studies and other activities and how life still goes on no matter what happens. But football is still one of GVSU’s biggest feats in the nation, and Lubbers Stadium on a Saturday night is one of the best places to show our support as we continually fight to live up to our earned title and go beyond. 

When it comes to sports, I’ve always heard about home-field advantage, but I never really understood the extent of it. Does it really make a difference whether or not a band is playing for you and the majority of the people are cheering for you? 

According to our own football team, it certainly does. Two years ago, when our team played almost every—if not every—playoff game on the road, the marching band went with them to show Laker support. The team beat Ferris State in the second game, and it wasn’t until the semifinals that we were finally defeated. 

The following year, we were informed of how much it positively affected the playoffs for the team to hear the GVSU band supporting them from the stands. If the team was so encouraged by the presence of the band and however many fans also traveled down to see them, an entire stadium full of cheering people is sure to help push them forward in the fight for the win. 

Of course, there’s also the fact that a major sporting event like this is a great time to get together with friends. You don’t even have to be the biggest football fan because I’m not. My greatest sense of enjoyment comes from what I’m doing: making music with more than 200 other people and putting on a great show of our own. But being there in the moment, surrounded by many other people with the common interest of expressing Laker pride, is what really matters. 

While we don’t know how well this football season will go, based on our success in the past, I’m confident that we will put on quite a show again this year. So, if you’re ready to show the nation once again that we, GVSU, are ready to fight, join us down at Lubbers Stadium on game days. 

Regardless of why you choose to attend, it’s a great place to get together and show your Laker pride. So anchor up as you “raise your voices in cheer for a victory!”