Guest Latin studies professor to discuss immigration, art, culture

Chris LaFoy

Bob Neustadt, professor of Spanish and director of Latin studies at Northern Arizona University, is visiting Grand Valley State University to share his thoughts and expertise on the growing immigration debate.

The lecture will be held today at 6 p.m. at the Cook-DeWitt Center on the Allendale Campus.

Neustadt had currently published two books, both relating to art in a variety of mediums.

CADA día: La creación de un arte social,” which translates to “Every Day: The Creation of Social Art,” explores the performance and experimental art of Latin American cultures.

“(Con)Fusing Signs and Postmodern Positions: Spanish American Performance, Experimental Writing, and the Critique of Political Confusion” discusses the often misrepresented world of Spanish American art and dissects the cultural and political influences on artists.

Neustadt’s newest arena of study is music. His work on music includes an essay exploring different types of music and the traditions and cultures associated with such music.

This lecture is one of the many events schedules for the fall by the Latin American studies department. Other events will include documentary screenings and panel discussions with topics such as health in the Latin American community.

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