ECS correction (print only)

Headline: GV examines procedure for tenure and promotion

Subhead: Correction from Monday, Oct. 6

By Carly Simpson

[email protected]

Grand Valley State University may be changing the review process for tenure and promotion of its faculty members. To clarify from Monday’s article, “GV reviews tenure and promotion policies,” most of the process for departments and colleges would stay the same and deans would continue to give recommendations. In addition, the criteria for tenure and promotion would not change. The difference, though, could be an additional review at the university level.

The Higher Learning Commission states in their 2008 report, “While flexibility and disciplinary focus are maintained in the current process, consistency across colleges and the university is difficult to achieve since there is no university level involvement in the promotion and tenure process outside of an appeal instance.”

The HLC suggests that GVSU change the promotion and tenure process to include university level involvement. If GVSU chooses not to change this process, its accreditation may be at risk.

In the quote, “This is a nonnegotiable item,” Provost Gayle Davis is referring to HLC reaccreditation.

This issue was discussed during the provost’s report at the ECS meeting on Oct. 3 and was not an official item on the agenda. It will continue to be discussed and may appear on the agenda in the future.