Going to events can curve boredom

Claire Fisher

Grand Valley State University can be boring. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve complained that there’s nothing to do at GVSU. If you’re under 21, don’t have a car, and don’t know very many people, this campus can seem unbearably dull. To help cure this dullness, go to an event.

Going to an event will help you meet new people, break up mundane schedules, and possibly learn something or else just have a good time.

I understand that the term “event” sounds really vague. Pretty much anything can be an event. From that lecture your professor suggested to the showing of that anime movie your roommate wants you to go to. It can be an exhibit, it can be a get-together, it can be rooted in politics, it can be a musical, or it can be a yoga class. I’m encouraging you to go to something.

If you’ve ever looked at the event calendar on the GVSU website, you’re probably familiar with how boring it looks. The events look weird and cheesy and not related to your major. Or else if they are related to your major, you’re tired of covering your course material in class and just want a break.

But attending an event will give you a break. Oftentimes I’ve found that attending an event related to something I’m studying has reminded me why I love my career path. Or it’s inspired me to work on some new project. Events are bound to present you with new perspectives and new ideas.

Not to mention that once you’ve planned an event into your schedule, you have something to look forward to all week. Whether it’s going to see the GV Theatre production of “Sweeney Todd,” stopping by the art gallery on your way home from class, or going with your friends to some random student organization’s annual whatever, having an event to go to makes you feel more active and engaged. And it breaks up the drudgery of doing the same thing day after day.

You might also find that there are students at GVSU doing incredible and interesting things. Did you know there are students currently starting GVSU’s first slam poetry team? Or that we have Beekeeper’s Club and that they’ll be holding an event where you can make hand salve? Or that the Swing Dance Club hosts a Valentine’s Day Dance? Or that GVSU is hosting a TEDx talk?

If you’ve ever organized an event like these, you know that the students, staff, and faculty who plan the event do so with the hope that people outside the organization will attend. So attend other student’s events. Maybe you can even put in a shameless plug for your own event.

If you don’t want to have a boring college experience, don’t. Look through the events page, join GVSU based groups on Facebook, ask around. There are worthwhile events happening at GVSU, you just have to look for them and have the courage to try something new.

While there might not be a lot going on at GVSU like there are at other universities, there are a lot of really cool things to do. Get out of your comfort zone, go with your friends, go by yourself, take notes, or just enjoy the experience. You’ll get something out of it.