Does your Battle of the Valleys opinion carry weight? Take the survey.

Nick Moran

The decision to suspend the fundraising competition portion of Battle of the Valleys has raised quite a stir. Social media is a firestorm of comments criticizing the decision to pull out of the competition. 

Before you roll up your sleeves and share your two cents, see if you can make it through this survey.

1. Have you read the Lanthorn’s coverage of the situation or talked to a senator? If yes, please continue. 

If not, understand the full scope of the conversation before adding your voice. No, reading the headline alone does not make you an expert on the topic at hand. If it did, you’d find me in the library scanning the titles of books. I think we both know that’s not how it works. 

I also firmly believe that if anyone has an opinion based strictly on what their university’s Barstool account believes, they’re also probably the type of person that thinks their professor is “totally full of it” when lecturing on anything they don’t understand. 

Take a moment to assess the situation and know the facts. Then you can check this box and move on.

2 Did you know there was a fundraising competition associated with Battle of the Valleys prior to this conversation? If yes, please continue. 

If not, ask yourself how your personal relationship with the competition began. If it was with my article, I’m flattered.

If this was the first time you even heard about the fundraising competition, your actual thoughts are probably just rooted in the universal truth that donating to charity is a darn good thing. Everyone would agree, but I can assure you that there are other foundations and competitions that will happily take your support.

Take that energy and support GVSU Greek Life’s philanthropy, make a Relay for Life team or donate some food to Replenish yourself. Even if you checked yes, these organizations aren’t going anywhere.

3 Have you ever participated? If yes, please continue. 

Note: shotgunning beers and cursing at the rival football team doesn’t count as participating. Participating is considered a donation or helping organize the competition.

If not, ask yourself why you’re complaining. 

Are you angry because that money won’t be raised anymore? Because ideas were raised about other ways senate can raise money via a large-scale event before the vote to strike the fundraising competition was even called. 

Also, student senate helped facilitate thousands of dollars in donations. Can you say you were one of the people to help? 

If the last time you made a donation was because you got a parking ticket and thought Food For Fines was easier, you need to think about what charity means to you. I can’t make you care, but if I provided you with an epiphany, finish the survey. 

Did you check all four of those boxes? If you did, kudos to you. I’ll happily listen to your thoughts on this and I’ll even buy the coffee when we meet.

But if not, reconsider what message you’re portraying. Think about what Battle of the Valleys really means to you and stand behind what you say. 

Are you supporting charity? Are you considering the whole story? Are you making a difference?

End of survey.