Letter to the editor

Daj Young

Daj young


Chicago, IL

When I first came to Grand Valley State University, I was really excited. I loved the campus and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I liked that because I considered myself to be a friendly person as well. But After going to Grand Valley State University for six months everything started to change. Some of the professors were really rude, the white students didn’t want to pair up with you, the police shut down almost every party that a BLACK student threw, after this and other incidents I started to realize that racism was still alive and well hidden at Grand Valley. I am not the only one that feels this way, some of my peers spoke on the same issues regarding this situation and I think something needs to be done!

There is a BIG difference in the way white students are treated then black students. I personally think that is totally unfair. For example some of my peers spoke to me about issues that were going on in class.

The first student expressed to me how she was involved with a group of white girls that she paired up with for a group project. She explained how they excluded her from the group. They did things such as scheduling meetings without her and completing most of the project. She had no input with the project. She tried to go to the professor about the issue, but the professor suggested that she sticks it out and do the best that she can with the group. She felt like she didn’t get the proper help with the situation.

The second student issue was almost the same but a little different. The student stated that my teacher asked the class to get in groups surrounding those who brought in his/her lap tops. I was one of the few that brought in a laptop. As everyone was indecisive or moving heads around I counted 15 seconds at the same time thinking “damn, I have to break ice again!” Before my professor gullible ass notice anything was wrong, I blurted out “SO NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH ME, THAT’S FINE!” Everyone just looked shocked. But my professor decided to tell the class that it was fine to have two people with laptops in one group. I thought this was crazy but I just did my assignment also thinking about the situation.

Finally my issue, my first semester at Grand Valley State University I took Writing 150 which is a general ed requirement for Grand valley policy. I went to my professor office hours just to see how I was doing in this class. He told me I was doing well. At the end of the semester I found out that I had failed the class. In my head, I asked myself how I fail if he told me I was doing well.

So next semester came around and I took writing 150 again but with a different professor. So my new professor and I went to talk to my previous professor to see why I failed the class, but he gave me this look. I still remember that look from semester. As I took a seat in the chair close to the door, we sat in silence for about 5-10 minutes, then he finally says something, but he was short and brief. He could never give me a good reason as to why I failed his class. I ended up getting a D fall semester and a B winter semester of my freshman year.

I don’t see how this can go on when black students are paying the same amount of money as the white students to go to school, taking the same classes, participating in the similar activities and looking to achieve similar goals.

I am not trying to make this a white vs black ordeal, but I can’t sit back and watch how people at this school treat us because it is unfair. We came here to be something, to meet new people, to form relationships, and to make Grand Valley State University our 2nd home but this can’t happen if some of my peers feel uncomfortable.

I just wish this issue would stop, this white vs black, the shutting down of the black parties and NOT the white. I get real angry when higher authorities act like they don’t see the white students under the age of 21 drinking and throwing up on the bus or falling out downtown but they’re so quick to stop a black person when he or she is suspected to be under the influence. I personally feel if this is happening then I think white institution should just stop accepting black student in. I’d rather learn and receive my degree elsewhere.