In the past year, Grand Valley State University has finished construction on a new library, the Seidman College of Business and the James H. Zumberge Hall providing students and faculty with more classrooms, office space and study areas. By next fall, the construction of the new science laboratory building will also be finished. 

These new buildings have been outfitted with the latest technologies and will offer many resources to the GVSU community. However, we can’t help but ask, when will more on-campus housing be built? Students are being provided with more classrooms every year, but not more living areas. Each year, more and more students are being forced to live off-campus, including freshman who typically would live on campus. 

The Class of 2018 has 4,226 students. However, on the Allendale Campus, there are only approximately 6,000 beds. Many of these housing units were originally for upperclassmen though, including South Apartments, the Ravines and Laker Village. With more freshmen moving into these units, upperclassmen are now being forced to find housing options off campus. 

Off-campus housing continues to grow. Campus View is building 30 cottages, which will be available to GVSU students next fall. In addition, a brand new apartment complex, the Grove, is being constructed on Pierce Street and will also be ready by fall 2015. Owners of these complexes see the demand. Why doesn’t GVSU?

While more classrooms and office spaces are necessary, especially at a growing university, housing is equally as important. GVSU attracts students from across the state, nation and world. These students need a place to live and should have the option to stay on campus where they have easy access to dining venues, study areas and the various resources offered by groups such as the Women’s Center, the LGBT Center, the Writing Center and many others. 

Freshmen and students coming from out of state especially should have easy access to these resources as they are going through a transitional phase. While new classrooms are necessary for the expanding student body, it does them no good if they don’t have a place to live so they can actually attend their classes.

The academic facilities on the GVSU campus are equipped with the latest and greatest technologies, now let’s get our housing up to the same standards that we do our classrooms.