Student Senate regents use homecoming to continue representing

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2011 GVSU Homecoming King and Queen

GVL / Archive 2011 GVSU Homecoming King and Queen

Sarah Hillenbrand

While many Grand Valley State University housing communities and organizations prepare for the events they’ll host for homecoming week, the Student Senate regents prepare to represent senate and continue representing the student body.

“To me, being a homecoming regent—especially as a representative of the Student Senate—means acting as the face of Grand Valley students,” said Katie Carlson, Student Senate vice president of educational affairs. “As senators, we strive to represent the entire student body, and this is just one more opportunity that I have been given by the body to do so, and for that I am extremely thankful and honored.”

Senate is involved in homecoming by promoting Laker pride on campus, Carlson said. Student Senate President Jack Iott, also a regent, agreed and added that senate aims to promote school spirit and continue to represent all students at GVSU.

“Being a regent is representing the organization who nominated you, but also students as a whole,” Iott said. “Being a homecoming regent is a great experience and honor for all organizations and teams that I have been involved in and is a celebration of Laker pride.”

Homecoming is important to the GVSU students and community because it brings everyone together, Carlson said.

“Whether you participate in a lip sync for your residence hall, compete in trivia games for your RSO or simply tailgate and cheer on the Laker football team, everyone on this campus seems to find a way to get involved in the homecoming activities,” Carlson said.

Iott added that homecoming participation is a great example of being a “Laker for a Lifetime” because it is all about promoting school spirit, giving back to the university and encouraging alumni to come back to campus.

“Homecoming is a great experience for alumni to come back and be involved with our campus,” Iott said. “Promoting and being involved this week is exciting and great for GVSU.”
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