Letter to the Editor


I write to you today about an article written in the most recent lanthorn issue. The article about insensitive remarks and using the word retard. My feelings on the matter are that people should have the right to use such phrases like ‘retard’. And who is stopping people with down’s syndrome or autism from using it themselves? No one. And no one should. I have a very close friend who happens to have down’s syndrome, simean crease and all, and in our group of friends we can use that term freely without him feeling any remorse. We know this cause he has assured us of it and has, in response, called us ‘retards’ every now and then. This goes to show that this word doesn’t disturb him, and if it doesn’t disturb him then who says every other mentally handicapped person would be disturbed by it instead? As long as the person who is making the remark is not meaning it to demean the person and making them feel below everyone, or in other words just using it as playful banter, it shouldn’t matter. Also, just because you are of a certain culture, race or sexual orientation, doesn’t mean you can use different words than others without offense. Why should only people of the LGBT community be able to use the word ‘faggot’ and ‘gay’, or the black community to use the word ‘nigger’? It is ridiculous that they should ‘be able to use it’ just cause they are part of category of people the particular word refers to. My dream, is that people can use the words they choose, however they choose, without being looked down upon or told that you can’t use that word cause you aren’t part of a certain community.


Andrew Smith

Concerned Student