“Yes. I will be at all of the events on Monday, and I’m planning on going to the events on Wednesday. I am teaching a session with two other faculty members here at Grand Valley during the teach-in.”

Te’Asia Martin, College Student Affairs Leadership, Muskegon, Michigan, Graduate Student

“Yes I do. I will be attending all of the events on Monday and maybe will be able to make some on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will also be doing the community service this Saturday.”

DeJuan Murry, Business Management, Senior, Detroit, Michigan

“I definitely want to participate in the teach-in. I know one of my professors is teaching at one of the teach-ins so I definitely want to go there. I also want to go to the march.”

Jasmine Brown, Social Work, Junior, Chicago, Illinois

“To be honest, I didn’t know there were any events. Currently, I don’t know and I will have to look into them, but I didn’t know what events were available.”

Evan Eischer, Information Systems, Sophomore, South Lyon, Michigan