Student Organization Kids in Motion mobilizes on campus

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Kids in Motion Logo

Courtesy Photo / Kids in Motion Logo

As the fall sports season continues at Grand Valley State University, one new organization at GVSU is hoping to help underprivileged kids in the community get in the game.

Freshly established this fall, Kids in Motion is a new organization at GVSU that raises funds to provide underprivileged kids with scholarships to participate in sports.

Kids in Motion was originally created by GVSU junior and Kids in Motion President Eryn Mickevicius.

“I’ve always wanted to help underprivileged kids become involved in sports,” she said. “Last semester I came up with the idea to start KIM as a student organization.”

KIM’s primary focus is on getting kids, regardless of where they are from, to participate in sports. KIM Vice-President Elizabeth Koltonow said that sports can provide a number of benefits for kids.

“Sports are a perfect outlet for teens and a great way to build self-confidence, motivation, friendships and a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Along with Koltonow, Mickevicius believes that sports are very important in a person’s life.

“Sports help develop increased motivation and determination in children, along with strengthening their sense of confidence,” she said. “I believe that all children should have access to the many benefits of sports regardless of financial circumstances.”

Many members of KIM are involved in sports themselves, and all maintain that they know what sports can do to help people firsthand.

“I have played sports my entire life and, from experience, know that participating in sports has positively affected me in one way or another,” said Andrea Sulavik, KIM secretary. “I think getting underprivileged kids involved in sports will give them the same opportunity I had to grow in a positive direction.”

Before the fall semester started, Mickevicius put a list of various sports programs together that could help kids.

“Over the summer I researched and made a directory of different sports programs in the area,” she said. “The children that we provide scholarships to can use this directory to find a sport or program that they are interested in.”

Throughout the fall semester, KIM’s planned events are targeted at raising money for kids. The first event is scheduled for Oct. 20 and is a 3-on-3 soccer tournament.

In November, KIM will co-sponsor a 5k run with the Running Club. After Thanksgiving break, KIM will hold a sports equipment drive to help kids who cannot afford their own equipment.

Mickevicius said KIM hopes to hold a lock-in event in the field house that any kid in the community could attend to swim, play sports and participate in group activities.

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