Staying fit while staying warm

Jessica Hodge

Losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution that was reported to Yes, I am that stereotypical college kid who gained the ‘freshman 15’ and have yet to lose it a year later. So I decided to also have the typical resolution this year and start to get healthy.

It was a lot easier to get off the couch and go to the gym when it was a 10-minute process. But now that winter has rolled around, it can take up to 30 minutes to scrape all of the snow off your car, push your car out of the parking spot, find a new parking spot at the gym and
then start your workout. Since it takes so long to get there, it barely seems worth it to go. Sometimes, however, you don’t need to leave your warm room at all to get a good workout in.

There are a ton of good workout routines and moves that can be done in your dorm room with minimal or no equipment. Depending on what you’re looking to workout, there are a variety of exercises to do.

For your abs, crunches or sit-ups are the standard workouts. But change it up a little! A normal plank or side planks are a great way to tighten up a muffin top. Or, if your roomie is feeling up to it, do a partner leg lift exercise.

Want to buff up your arms? You can easily do a few rounds of triceps-dips with just a stable chair. If you have weights, you can do a few reps of bicep curls. No weights? Try using a textbook; we all know those weigh a few pounds!

If you want stronger legs, there are a few exercises to pick from. Squats and lunges are the most popular workouts. Another simple workout is a wall sit.

If you’re looking to do cardio, that may be a little bit harder to do inside. However, the main goal of cardio is to get, and keep, your heart rate up. Try doing high-knees or butt kickers, but be conscious if you’re not on the first floor.

What is the other awesome part about all of these exercises besides being convenient for you? You can multi-task! Another big problem with working out is the time it takes up. With these workouts, you can easily read a chapter in your biology book or flip through some flash cards while doing lunges up and down your building’s hallway.

Getting healthy isn’t all about the workouts, it’s about your diet too. So be sure to always make time for healthy routines and healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. Good luck to all of you, it’s easier than you think!

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