Americans love their holidays

Amina Mamaty

Although many of us just got done celebrating Thanksgiving, I know that a few of us already decorated our Christmas trees – because the one thing that I know for sure is that Americans love their holidays. From Halloween to St. Patrick’s Day, the hype is definitely always there.

This year, I have witnessed kids trick or treating around Oct. 15 on Lake Michigan, which is quite early for the Oct. 31 holiday. Meijer already had costumes on sale by the end of September, so why wait? I myself was very excited for Halloween this year because in France, nobody really cares for Halloween after middle school. Also, our costume choices are very limited; everyone is extremely happy with a full witch costume. Some people just wear the pointy hat.

While I was shopping for a costume this year in the U.S., I was even thinking about what my costume should be next year. I found myself getting caught up, forgetting that if I were in France I wouldn’t care at all. When I am here, I love to celebrate the fact that I am about to celebrate.

Every single year, my friends come back from Thanksgiving break saying how much they ate like they didn’t expect to be full. My friends leave saying, “Oh my God, I am about to be so full” and come back saying, “Oh my God, I was so full.” Surprise, surprise. Of course, it will never get old because everybody loves food.
Now that we are past Thanksgiving, unless you are still digesting, the main focus is on Christmas. My family and I would decorate the house two or three days before. A few weeks ago, somebody asked me about my Christmas tree. Why so early?

I am not quite sure but they made me feel like I was late by looking at me weird. I felt like Scrooge for a second. I sometimes feel like I am forced to do things in advance. I remember my first St. Patrick’s Day: I didn’t wear green because I had no idea what this holiday was, so I wore normal clothes. I felt like an outcast and got called out about ten times that day for not looking like a bean. I still don’t know what St. Patrick’s Day is for, but I sure wear green and party on that day.

Thankful or not, you still eat tons of food on Thanksgiving, wear a costume on Halloween even though you don’t go trick or treating and sometimes buy your friends and family gifts, not because you love them but because you would look like an a-hole not giving them anything.

Everyone has their own reason to celebrate. I personally think that spending time with family should be the main focus during holidays since us students spend a lot of time at school.

Sixteen days until I return to my home country, and let me tell you, the excitement of returning has been there before I even figured out that Santa Claus doesn’t even exist.
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