Nutrition Club leads guided tour of Meijer

Erika Collin

Grocery shopping doesn’t seem like a challenging task, but when trying to successfully shop for the healthiest options, it’s helpful to have guidance.

The Grand Valley State University Nutrition Club is holding a “Shopping Matters” event on Feb. 17 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Standale Meijer.

This is the first time the Nutrition Club is hosting this event. Before now, the YMCA has been hosting “Shopping Matters” grocery tours around the Grand Rapids area.

“We brought it to GVSU to give students and faculty the chance to learn how to shop for healthier foods,” said President Sarah Craven.

At the event, the Nutrition Club members will give a tour of the grocery store and will also provide educational tips on how to properly read a food label. These tips will equip attendees with the knowledge they need when looking at ingredients.

For example, they will be taught how to avoid foods that contain high fructose corn syrup. The members will also give advice on how to choose between brands in order to make the healthiest choice.

“Try to eat five cups of fruits and vegetables a day,” Craven said. “I definitely believe in getting back to the basics and fueling your body with whole foods.”

Trevor Birdwell, affiliate marketer for Vemma Nutrition Co., said that a healthy diet and therefore healthy grocery shopping should be a key factor is everyone’s life.

“Grocery shopping forces us to see exactly what we are putting into our bodies,” Birdwell said. “Buying food in advance also sets you up for success. It provides structure to your eating habits so instead of impulse eating, you can plan what goes into your body at a scheduled time, which helps regulate your metabolism.”

The Nutrition Club always tries to fulfill their mission statement, and the “Shopping Matters” event is helping them do that. The club will be hosting a second “Shopping Matters” event on March 17 at the same location and time. Students and faculty who are interested can contact the Fitness and Wellness Center if they wish to sign up to attend.

“The purpose of this organization is to combat the negative outcomes that poor food choices can bring; whether they are social, environmental, economic or physical,” Craven said, quoting the club’s mission statement. “We will work toward this goal with education and service on campus as well as in the surrounding community.”

Craven founded the club last semester because she felt that there were many health-conscious students at GVSU who were interested in learning about nutrition. Every other Thursday, the members of the Nutrition Club meet in MAK A1117 to discuss nutrition, socialize and snack. They welcome new members to join them.

“The organization serves as a place for people with an interest in nutrition to gather and exchange ideas,” Craven said. “Especially ideas that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.”

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