Benefit concert to be held for hurricane relief efforts

GVL / Courtesy -

GVL / Courtesy –

Taylor Crowley

To raise money for hurricane relief, there will be a benefit concert hosted by vocalist group Jubilee at Bethany United Reformed Church in Wyoming, Michigan, on Friday, Nov. 24. The concert will begin at 7 p.m. While there is no cover charge, donations are encouraged. 

Before the concert, there will be a representative from Reform Mission Services to give a brief description of work they do before the free-will offering. There will be a discussion about hurricane relief and what people can do to help hurricane victims.

Hosting a benefit concert is one of Jubilee’s skills, as they have been hosting these concerts for quite some time now. These women have hosted other benefit concerts to fundraise for other causes as well, including the Pregnancy Resource Center and Inner City Christian Federation.

Jubilee was formed with various churches and did not start as a family group. However, there are two generations of family within the group now.

“It’s faith-based music,” said Hannah Doornbos, member of Jubilee. “It’s all Christian and ministry based. We are a classically trained group, so even though we sing music of various time periods, we have a classical sound.”

Every year, Jubilee invites other musicians to play alongside them. Sometimes, it is a formed group, and other times it is just a solo musician they know. For this concert, Jubilee has invited male quartet group Voices of Victory to join them.

Dan Van Dyke, member of Voices of Victory, has been with the quartet for about 25 years now. The quartet has remained the same group all this time, except for one new member. Van Dyke is delighted to be able to perform in a concert that is going to raise awareness for the past natural disasters the world has been experiencing.

Van Dyke said the music sends a good message to the audience as they are following the words. He also said he was grateful for the quartet being invited to perform at the concert and that the quartet feels as if they are putting their words into action by fundraising for this cause.

“An attender of the concert will hear words that are true to the Scripture, and the music will be fitting to convey that message,” Van Dyke said. “It’s all about the message and the words that we’re singing.” 

Voices of Victory is going along with the trend and will be hosting a benefit concert of their own on New Year’s Eve. They will be fundraising for Georgetown Harmony Homes, housing for special-needs adults that help them to live on their own.

The two groups will perform songs both together and individually. However, the same message will be sent to the audience: Put your words into actions.

The general public is encouraged to attend the event and donate. Donations are not expected but rather encouraged.