How to turn $100 into $1M during college

Nick Moran, Editor-in-Chief

College really has a unique way of making your wallet feel truly empty. It’s that same magic that makes ramen noodles taste a little better and downloading textbooks feel a little less illegal.

But regardless of how little money you have in your bank account as the year begins, let me be the first to tell you that you have the power to turn just $100 into $1,000,000. It’s really easy, actually.

“Undercover Billionaire,” the new series on Discovery Channel, features businessman Glenn Stearns trying to do just that: turn a phone with no contacts, an old truck and $100 cash into a million dollars. He’s done it before in his personal life, but this time it’s on camera and the clock is ticking.

In trying to achieve his goal, Stearns starts off salvaging and reselling tires, picks up a job at a screen printing company and sleeps in his car to save money. Replace those phrases with donating plasma, working between classes and splitting rent, and he doesn’t sound too far from how a college student gets by.

Does Stearns succeed during his show? No idea. There have only been a handful of episodes released so far. But viewers already know enough to succeed.

“No job is beneath you.”

“Human capital.”

“Be ambitious.”

It’s that easy. Despite business majors rolling their eyes, I, your friendly neighborhood journalist, will help us all be successful millionaires.

When Stearns is building a successful enterprise, he’s starting with a humble beginning. This involves playing the field to see what ideas will stick. Once he has an idea about what his place in the community may be, he makes an informed decision before jumping in with both feet.

Once the seed for a business is planted, that’s it. There are several occasions where Stearns empties his small bank account to continue to invest in his journey. But with only a hoop dream for a business in place, he’s really investing in himself, including his desire to succeed.

To support that, he says you have to surround yourself with go-getters, people who are hungry for success more than they’re afraid of failure. You have to submerge yourself in the community and believe in yourself.

The last step is to take everything I’ve taught you and turn that initial $100 into anything you want, whether it be a hobby, a friendship or an interest. The same principles apply and the same success will follow.

See, building up things you’re passionate about and building a business follow the same steps. They require constant nourishment and attention. There’s a level of commitment which can be bolstered by networking, putting in extra hours and learning.

If you really want to turn $100 into a million dollars or a small idea into a life-driving passion, it’s that simple.

All of this comes to a head when we’re in college, which puts many of us in a vulnerable position with $100 in our pockets. It’s the exact same process as building that business.

In a way, a successful college student is also a successful businessperson. When you can take small experiences, interests and relationships and turn them into a million dollars, it’s easy to live the rest of your life in riches.

Oh, but if you can figure out how to do all of that with money, still feel free to let me know.