Bringing Back (Silent) Disco


Silent Disco on Friday, September 7th, 2018. GVL / Sheila Babbitt

Katherine Arnold, Staff Reporter

On Friday, September 6th, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Event Services will be co-hosting their third annual Silent Disco on the Allendale campus. 

Starting at 9 p.m. on the Library Northeast Plaza, students are free to gather near the clocktower for an evening of dance-worthy music through provided wireless headphones. 

For students who haven’t attended one before, a “silent” disco is designed to cater to more than one taste in music while still maintaining a party atmosphere. There will be several genres of music available, such as techno, electronic, hip-hop, and throw backs. 

According to Jessica Fillmore, the CAB president, “an event like Silent Disco is a lot of fun because it’s pretty low key, and students can enjoy the music however they would like. Students can come with friends and dance around, or come alone and just enjoy some music.”

This event will be featuring three returning DJs, all with their own specific styles. DJ Kung, DJ B Wiz, and DJ Composition will be the highlight of next week’s disco. 

DJ Kung is famous for his creative mix-ups with a wide variety of genres from dance to rock. Since 2008, he has performed at over one hundred venues each year at places like Michigan’s Nightclubs to Nation-wide charity events. With both national and international performances, his personality and skill are undoubtedly a combination students won’t want to miss. 

DJ B Wiz is a GVSU alumnus who continues to show interest in the Grand Valley community through attendance at Welcome Week parties and also this event. His success stems from his love of entertaining others and making each and every party a success. The energy and soul in his performances are what make his shows great. 

DJ Composition was raised in Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI. Known for his passion in the field and interesting blends and transitions, his work in Michigan’s nightlife has been an inspiration for many. Having opened for performers like 50 Cent, Ghostface and many more, his experience and creativity shine through in every performance. 

During this event, CAB will be providing beverages, glow sticks, and different activities throughout the night. There will even be a chance to win prizes! Simply grab a pair of headphones and tune in to your favorite DJ channel for an evening of dancing and awesome music.