‘Gram Valley


COURTESY / Greg Kozlick (@726.visuals), Alyssa Spiteri (@aes.photography.18), Kollin Currie (@ kollincurrie), Jen (@its_jenn1316)

Marin Smith, Photography Intern

Grand Valley State University was awarded the title of “Most Instagrammable College Campus in Michigan” according to a report done by the connectivity experts at All Home Connections.

All Home Connections, an online retailer of AT&T, analyzed hashtag data to find out which college campuses in America were Instagrammed the most in each state. Schools with more than 7,000 enrolled full-time students in the fall of 2017 were reviewed for hashtags that were the most popular and most unique. According to the connectivity experts, GVSU came out on top for the state of Michigan, placing it alongside schools such as Harvard, University of Alabama and New York University.


The Little Mac Bridge through the seasons.

Associate director of social media Mary Beth Richardson said the GVSU Instagram page is very popular with GVSU students, accumulating over 30,000 followers, the Instagram page was the school’s fastest growing social media platform in 2018. Richardson attributes the title of “Most Instagrammable Campus in Michigan” to the beautiful campus, photos that show what it means to be a laker, and the popular GVSU hashtag.

GVSU graduates showing off their Laker pride.

“It’s not surprising that Grand Valley has earned this recognition in social media.” Richardson said, “The laker effect is strong in West Michigan and beyond.” A quick Instagram search using the GVSU hashtag will provide photos that feature unique GVSU landmarks such as the Cook Carillon Tower, the Mary Idema Pew Library and the Transformational Link sculpture.

Students sho.

Another common post in the GVSU hashtag is  students’ picture with one of our presidents. Former President Thomas Haas made a point of letting students get pictures with him, making “a selfie with T-Haas” a precious GVSU keepsake. In her time so far, President Philomena Mantella has also gotten her fair share of pictures with students.

Former President Haas and President Mantella taking pictures with students.

GVSU student Greg Kozlick (726.visuals), runs a photography Instagram full of photos of the campus. “My favorite spot to take photos on campus is the arboretum,” he said, “It’s a really gorgeous area to play with different kinds of lighting coming through the trees! It’s also a great place for portraits!”

Kozlick said the GVSU campus inspires him because of how gorgeous it is, he attributes his interest in taking photos of the campus to being able to share his experience at GVSU and how he sees his university. “I’ll just walk around and take photos; I see something new every time!” he said.

Selected pictures from Greg Kozlick’s Instagram.