GVSU Men’s Cross Country all-star: Tanner Chada


GVL \ Katherine Vasile

Holly Bihlman, Sports Writer

In this season’s Cross Country lineup, Tanner Chada, a junior at Grand Valley State, is stepping up his game on the courses this season. Last week, he placed first with a time of 24.27.2 at Ohio State for the Inter Regional meet, and it’s looking like there is no chance of him slowing down anytime soon. 

Tanner has been running since he was ten years old with his mom in 5k races, and eventually joined cross country his freshman year of high school. He’s been running at GVSU for three years now, and says that it has been an incredible experience on one of the best cross country teams, under two of the best coaches in the sport.

“Getting to come to such an amazing program like Grand Valley has been a big blessing, and I really came because of the team atmosphere,” Chada said. “It’s really cool to see my growth as the years go on.”

Coming into each race so far, Chada has been finishing with some of the best times on the team and has high hopes for his growth this year. His goals are pretty straightforward: Be smart, be healthy and have fun.

Chada doesn’t like to make postseason goals, but he said that he goes into every single race doing the best he can and running with everything he’s got for the people running next to him. 

Chada remembers one of the best moments during his time running cross country for Grand Valley when the Men’s team won their first NCAA Championship last year.

“Just getting to run up to my teammates at their last race ever and having that moment with them,” Chada said. “That was a powerful moment, and it takes a lot for me to cry, so that was a pretty good one.” 

He still has another season to run for GVSU next year, but Chada has some advice for the younger runners on the team and newcomers for next season.

“It’s a process and it takes time,” Chada said. “Trust the coaches and trust what they’re doing because they’re the best in the country. At the end of the day, as long as you’re having fun, you’re moving forward, and you’re going to get where you’re trying to go.”

Chada is looking forward to another amazing season with his teammates and can’t wait to see where it takes him. 

 As far as the Cross Country team’s season goes, their next meet is Friday, Oct. 11 in Muskegon for the Jayhawk Invitational. Chada and his teammates are confident in their abilities and are sure to make some headway this coming week.